Monday, December 14, 2015

Good Morning Green Juice!

There's nothing like juicing to get your nutrients in large quantities. There is more and more research coming out about the benefits of getting as much raw vegetables and fruits into your diet as possible. Turns out an apple a day isn't quite going to cut it! (we're going to explain the research better in an upcoming newsletter). I juice as often as I can and I really notice a huge difference in energy, skin quality, immune system, and sleep when I forget to juice for a while. 

Juicing can get expensive, but you can stretch it out with inexpensive cucumbers and also health it up with green powders from the nutrition store for added punch. Here's my simple juice that I make a few times a week. You can make this with any juicer that will juice leaves, or take the spinach out and do apple cucumber if your juicer can't handle leaves. 

2 organic cucumbers *
2 organic granny smith apples (or fuji if you can't handle the sour haha)
1 decent bunch of organic mint.
1-2 large handfuls of dark leafy greens
Sparkling or still filtered water.

*I tend to use organic when I juice especially since all the nutrients (and anything lingering ON the fruit) is liquified and goes right into your system. If you can't use organic, then I'd peel the fruits/vegetables first.

Basically all I do is run those through the juicer. I put the mint and greens in between the cucumber and the apple so the hard fruits help the leaves through the chamber. Then I mix it half juice with half cold sparkling water and drink it! If you were serving it at a dinner or lunch and wanted it to look fancy, you could always float a few apple slices in it or garnish it with extra mint:)

Happy Juicing!

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